Thursday, 16 June 2011

It's been a while

Many apologies to the lack of wittering over the last 2 weeks, been a bit busy - um, that doesn't really sound believable does it? Ok. Let's start again.
My lack of wittering is due to the fact that last Thursday we (Tom and myself) boarded a train that took us to the land of the Scots (and no, not a land full of little Scotts that have straggly long hair and like to cut up their own t-shirts (some people will understand that - but probably not a lot of you who actually read this will do)). We were off to Edinburgh for 4 days - it was great!
However, before we left I managed to catch up with a friend from Banburyshire - coffee and gossip - what a great mix, over which I showed her some pieces of my work (this being one of them).

Keyring (for a mother who isn't quite sure what it is)
Getting feedback from friends is a great way to get more ideas and also to get a confidence boost (cheers dude, check her out
I'll be back soon with some more stuff, who knows what - I surely don't! Let's wait and see. xx

This is the best of the photos of us at Arthur's Seat - you really don't want to see the others!

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