Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Conquering Christmas

This is William. Some of you may have met him before, but if you haven't, this is William - he's a conker. He has a fine set of eyes, a small lopsided nose and a faint mustache.
He regularly goes on great adventures and one day he would like to rule the country or maybe the world, he's certainly got the potential. 
Yesterday, Christmas Day, William decided to take a break from his adventure seeking lifestyle and enjoy all things festive.
I say 'take a break' but that rascal never can stop - in the morning he climbed up the Christmas tree - he nearly got to the top - but he didn't want to do too much; no point in over-doing it on Christmas day!
William's not scared of many things, however, he was slightly taken aback by the giant sized bottle of gin that was found, on the ground, under the tree!
He couldn't believe his eyes when he found a plate of dates and mince pies......
........ and a platter of cheese and grapes. All of which he found very tasty.
He tried some port, never had any before, went very well with the cheese he thought.
After all his tree climbing, pie-spying, date eating, cracker pulling, cheese foraging, grape munching, port slurping he was quite tired.
But one thing caught his eye - mistletoe, hanging from the lights, he went to have a look. He was sure that he heard, on one of his adventures, that under mistletoe you get kissed......... he must have just missed her
- 'oh well' William said, 'it's time for bed'.
'What I day I've had, full of festive cheer, I know where to come back to next year'

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!