Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Twinkle Twinkle

Instant coffee finished = empty jar.
Stick on a scattering of star stickers (got mine from the local WHS - a good number for your money).
Spray a thin layer of gold paint over the jar (follow the instructions on the can - please make sure you are in a well ventilated area outside and definitely newspaper down - I learnt from mistakes - ooooops).
Go and have a cup of tea whilst the paint dries.
Spray another layer of paint (also, make sure that you don't spray too close to the jar or the paint will just run and look yukky).
Go and plan your next crafting project.
Spray again.
(I sprayed the jar three times, quite patchy in places, but it's up to you.)
When paint's dry, gently peel off the star stickers, a craft knife (or finger nails) can help. Some of the paint may have run under the stickers but the main shape will be obvious.
Et voila, plonk a candle in and you have a tea-light/candle holder. 
(idea -  try arranging the stars in constellations)

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

June - Summer? I think so,

Finished uni for the year. Woop! Passed all modules - YES! Get in. Now a chance to craft. Check it out so far.
Above, a selection of keyrings with swivel lobster clasps attached, so that they can be used as an accessory as well as the obvious. Nice block colour theme using glass beads, wire and waxed thread.

Now, here is my effort of being 'in fashion', if you are an avid pinterest user no doubt you'll have come across a similar pattern to these. My interest in knots can been seen in a previous post (, but I had not tackled macrame knotting before. So I gave it a go - resulting in a simple and 'current' bracelet.

The items seen above are soon to be for sale in the Gloucestershire Arts and Crafts Centre, alongside other pieces of my creation, a couple being the two designs of brooches seen below. A lovely crochet flower (left) and colourful 'yo-yo' brooches (right).
Also on show are my, what I call (mothers that's for you!), 'worm' bracelets. No, they are not found in the ground and eaten by birds or help with composting. But they are a lovely allignment of buttons that wrap around your wrist which are fastened in place with........ a button! (I love buttons) I've done a series of different colours, some block and some not.
I'll be back soon with some other stuff, no doubt.