Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Drug-like effect

It's hard to admit this but I'm an addict - didn't realise this until, until today.
Hello. My name is Emily and I'm an archaeology-ic.
(yeah - that doesn't really work).

Even though I'm studying archaeology at the moment, I recently caught the
'where the hell am I going with this' bug - a vicious little blighter than gets into your head and slowly causes a self-doubting syndrome. Not nice.

Today brought me back to life. At 1300 hours I walked through a doorway into a different world. A community dig. Despite being surrounded by strangers I felt very much at home; comfortable and happy.
Two professional and approachable archaeologists were running the show. Helping all the volunteers drawing, plotting, measuring, troweling, shoveling, bucketing, sieving, recording; we were all learning.

Loved it. I've got another dose tomorrow, but not sure where I'll go from then......