Friday, 27 May 2011

Still early days

Yes! It's Friday and that means Friday art class!  It was slightly different this week though, I was on my own :( . Fellow art class people were taking advantage of the lovely window of sunshine that Gloucester was having and some having an afternoon off. So one room one person (me). This did not deter me, even if it did make me feel like I was in detention (not that I was in detention a lot at school, I'll have you know, just from time to time). 
My aim is to be able 'draw what I see' again - still love doing the abstract crazy stuff - but I really want to draw an object that actually looks like the object, a teabag looking like a teabag, for example.  

It's not going too badly - there's hope! Will definitely have to find something other than teabags and cake casings to draw. Any ideas?

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