Saturday, 21 May 2011

As I was talking about

Yes - after a superb afternoon at the Gloucestershire Arts and Crafts Centre, I am now thinking that what could be a better way to pass the time between 1.30pm and 4.30pm on a Friday? And I think the conclusion to that is - nothing! Well, unless the opportunity to have a cup of coffee with, let's say, Colin Firth arose then sorry - D'arcy wins hands down!
With a 3 hour session of drawing and/or painting, creating a masterpiece and being around lovely people (as well as having a smashing cup of tea and a great selection of homemade cakes) - who couldn't enjoy it? Eh? What a great chance to find your artistic 'skills' that you thought were lost all those years ago. For me, it's going to take a few more classes.....

......... but i'm sure I can find it again.

Have a look on or just pop in on a Friday. There is a small charge (about £1.25 per hour) - but it's well worth it - come and enjoy.

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  1. What a great club! Cake, tea, painting, drawing...perfect combination.