Sunday, 19 August 2012

Don't want to scare you but......

August - yes that's this month - the sun has been shining and the heat has arrived (can't say it's going to stay long). Weddings are being celebrated in style outside, full-length cricket matches being played and it is truly a Pimms and ice-cream time. Lovely.
But I found out today what is arriving in our stock delivery next week - some of you may have guessed it - Christmas stock. Yes, Christmas stock! Oh my - however, it is only 128 days to the 25th December.
This got me thinking about what I can start making to add to my own stock.
So I cut out a sort-of (Christmas) tree like shape from a scrap piece of card. 
I then pinned my template to some green felt and cut out two (Christmas) trees.

Everyone knows that I love buttons - so I sewed a scattering of green buttons on one and red buttons of the other - bit like baubles. Baubles. (funny word - go on, say it out loud!)
I then relied on the good-old edge embroidery - the buttonhole stitch - and fixed the two (Christmas) trees together, which I stuffed with toy-filler (a chop-stick is a very useful tool for this) and added a hanging thread before I closed the stitch.

People, don't be scared - enjoy creating (Christmas) decorations, have fun! I did. Simple and easy. Sometimes that's the best way.

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