Saturday, 21 April 2012

BFF...... innit.....

Hello there! Yes, I know I should be doing some research reading and making notes for (and probably actually writing) my assignments - but hey, it's not a proper assignment without the thrill of a bit of procrastination is it?

Whilst scouring one of my various sources *cou-internet-gh* for information on champion landscapes (winning in some people's eyes) with open-field systems with nucleated villages, I happened to come across a great pattern for a type of jewellery that I had not seen, or even tried to make, for about - let's say - a hundred years. Ok, not that long, but it's been a while since I made a................. friendship bracelet.

So, I found this pattern via and decided to create. I grabbed a handful of thread, two colours, four strands of each, and started knotting! I followed the pattern given and produced a line of 13 hearts (an unlucky number, I hear you say, but only to some) this number fitted well. I finished up by top and tailing the piece with a crimp and four 6mm jump rings and finally a trigger clasp.

I have somehow managed to make 3 more of these - now, back to those books and let's unravel what was once a working medieval landscape........ back in a bit xx


  1. Love it em! Please make me one for June ;) I'll pay in HK dollars! xxx

  2. I've spent the afternoon untangling a massive knot of jewellery and after some very careful detangling, and many a cup of tea, I've freed all 6 necklaces! Hooray!

  3. They are for sale at the Gloucestershire Arts and Crafts Centre xxx

  4. Your creativity is unbelievable Em. Tell more about the working medieval landscapes........